Browse our range of melamine boards by thickness (in mm)

We provide a range of melamine board thicknesses from 3mm to 36mm with various increments.

3mm to 36mm Thick

We offer a range of thicknesses in all of our boards.

Please specify the board thickness you wish to order when requesting a quote.

As a general rule, thicker boards cost more than thinner boards.

While greater thickness brings benefits of strength and rigidity bear in mind that thicker boards are heavier.

We are able to press, edge, machine and cut boards of any thickness, however, on very thin boards (such as 3mm) you are limited to the amount of inset drilling we can do without punching right through the board.

thicknesses of melamine board varies

To order from us please email or call us with your specifications and include the following information:

  • The material required,
  • The thickness required,
  • The quantity of board you need,
  • And / or, a cutting list and we can work out how many boards you need,
  • Choice of finish (please use the finish reference code),
  • Choice of texture plate (see texture plates for more information),
  • Edging requirements (see edging for more information).
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