Past & Future

Bridec Melamine Boards Company History

Experience and Integrity: a 40 Year Pedigree.

Bridec began producing high quality melamine faced boards in 1977, providing Wessex Furniture with a wealth of experience in the flexibility of short run production for the bespoke market.

By 1990 Bridec started to fabricate the Melamine board into furniture and from there Wessex Furniture has flourished. The company is in the unique position of having the board making facility on the same premises as the finished product, allowing a high degree of operational efficiency and excellent lead times and the ability to maintain accuracy and quality of the product, enhancing the service to the customer.


Our Green Future

We are taking the company forward into a more sustainable future and we are starting by investing in renewable energy systems to power our factory. This photograph shows the existing and planned 800 solar panel investment we are making on the roof of our facility in West Bay.

Bridec is proud to be ISO 4001 registered. ISO 4001 sets the standard for Environmental Management Systems and therefore recognises the lengths we have gone to as a company to rigourously ensure our processes, materials and products limit damage to the environment.

We source all of our raw wood material from sustainable sources and our FSC accreditation supports this.

Waste materials from our factory (some waste is inevitable in manufacturing but we work to limit the amount) is used to heat the facility.

Birds-eye view of the Bridec facility in West Bay showing our roof-mounted solar panels.

Bridec's certifications