Plywood Pressed Melamine Boards

Plywood ready to press Melamine Board available to order from Bridec. Discover our MDF products and features.

A Premium Board

Plywood is a premium board designed for high-end projects where the edge detail is considered a design feature of the finished piece.

Plywood offers an attractive detail because of the way it is made. Sheets of virgin material are layered together and pressed with glue, heat and pressure into a dense and solid board.

This creates a very attractive edge that runs through the whole board like a stick of rock so however you cut the board, the attractive edge is present.

Typically we still press melamine sheets onto the front and back of Plywood boards but leave the edge bare. However, you can still opt for Plywood and have it melamine pressed and edged if you wish.

Some designers prefer to work with Plywood in a completely unfinished form favouring the natural wood grain.

Plywood typically costs more than MFC or MDF but it is also very heavy and strong.

To order Plywood board, email or call us. We will provide a formal quotation valid for three months. Material prices fluctuate so all of our pricing is on application.

This bedroom furniture is made entirely from Plywood and the exposed edge is a design feature of the finished project. A bugger to dust though.

To order from us please email or call us with your specifications and include the following information:

  • The material required,
  • The thickness required,
  • The quantity of board you need,
  • And / or, a cutting list and we can work out how many boards you need,
  • Choice of finish (please use the finish reference code),
  • Choice of texture plate (see texture plates for more information),
  • Edging requirements (see edging for more information).
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