Digital Printing

Custom digital print melamine board

Print any custom image, svg or pattern onto melamine board with our digital printed melamine to order service.

Achieve Unique Melamine Finishes Like Never Before

Digitally printed melamine papers offers exciting new opportunities for furniture manufacturers. We are no longer restricted to pressing melamine boards in stock finishes but instead we can print any image, pattern or artwork you desire and have it pressed onto board.

Production times vary but typically custom printed melamine will take a little longer for us to process but the results are definitely worth the wait.

How to use Digital Print Melamine

The possibilities are of course endless but here are some ideas for application that we think present exciting opportunities for designers.

Statement Panels

If designing high-end kitchens or fitted wardrobes why not use a bold geometric pattern to create a ‘statement panel’ for a door front? Similar to a ‘feature wall’, the statement panel does just that, it makes a statement and adds a splash of unique design flair.

Add design flair to your project with a statement melamine panel using a digitally printed melamine paper.  This is a photograph but you can also use digital artwork.

Why not use a digital design? This image is created using vector paths in illustration software.

Hidden Beauty

Because at Bridec we press our own melamine we can offer two-tone melamine board. One side in one finish and the other in another finish.

Inside display cabinets why not use an attractive gradient or woodland backdrop to add interest and colour. Partnered with some interior lighting the results are exceptional.

Gradients work well inside lit cabinets with glass fronts for example

For a touch of irony this woodland scene offers a subtle hint at the material that made the panel beneath the melamine surface.

Feature Surfaces

Perhaps your design project calls for a series of ‘occasional tables’ to be used in a hotel lounge or first class lounge. Why not repeat a feature image across a 2440mm x 1220mm board and cut around the image so you now have (for argument’s sake) 6 table tops featuring a gorgeous seaside scene.

You could add a black border to each image to frame it and voila, a totally unique table top design using digitally printed melamine that need no coaster! Note, Melamine is really hard wearing.

For a 'feature surface' you could use an attractive scene like this tropical beach.


Using our CNC machining service, we can cut any shape you care to imagine out of melamine board. Take an attractive colour gradient and machine unusual geometric shapes from it (think tear-drop, ying yang, maybe even lettering) and use these as embellishments in your design project.

Press a run of boards using an attractive gradient or other mix of colours that doesn’t have any hard lines.

To order from us please email or call us with your specifications and include the following information:

  • The material required,
  • The thickness required,
  • The quantity of board you need,
  • And / or, a cutting list and we can work out how many boards you need,
  • Choice of finish (please use the finish reference code),
  • Choice of texture plate (see texture plates for more information),
  • Edging requirements (see edging for more information).
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