CNC Machining

Melamine Board CNC Machining Service

CNC Machining for large and small melamine boards as a service available from Bridec.

CNC Machining operates on four dimensions allowing us to machine complex shapes from flat board.

The multi-tool heads fitted to the CNC machine also allow us to add bevels and other reliefs to the cut edge. This process is often used to create the ‘bullnosed’ smooth, rounded front edge you see on most melamine worktops.

The CNC machine follows a vector path which means we can router out any shape you need us too. Common applications include creating cylindrical channels for dowels to be inserted later on or routing out decorative shapes into door panels. For example, for a country chic kitchen look you might CNC machine out a heart shape from some of your door panels.

If your project requires complex shapes, decorative edges or structural drilling please let us know. We’ll be able to advise and help create a program for the CNC machine to use.

If you are looking for someone to actually design your furniture for you, we do that too. Our sister company Wessex Furniture offers a fully bespoke fitted furniture design service.


We manufacture the furniture in our Bridec facility in Dorset and send a team of professional fitters to your building to install the furniture in place.

To order from us please email or call us with your specifications and include the following information:

  • The material required,
  • The thickness required,
  • The quantity of board you need,
  • And / or, a cutting list and we can work out how many boards you need,
  • Choice of finish (please use the finish reference code),
  • Choice of texture plate (see texture plates for more information),
  • Edging requirements (see edging for more information).
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